For all your laser cutting needs.

TFD Manufacturing specialises in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium fabrication.

Sheetmetal Solutions

With our SolidWorks, Plasma/Profile, Laser Cutter & Bending Brakes we have the ability of knowing what is possible and can design to suit each of the typical applications. The combination of Service Centre & Manufacturing Plant gives the client a one-stop solution.

Laser Cutting – The need for a TFDM LASER is necessitated due to the market expectations towards quality and time. The lasers have created a quality that the client demands. The laser is thus not a question of a nice to have but will be another tool to complete the full circle from raw material to a completed product.

Bending – Bending is a critical component of our design. We use the strength of adding minor bends to give the component rigidity without compromising on weight to maximise the strength-to-weight ratio.

Finishing – It is critical to produce a product with attention to the finishing detail. We use various techniques like brushing, polishing, powder coating and galvanising.